Antalya Tube Stomach Prices and Best Clinics

We have gathered information about Antalya tube stomach prices and the best clinics for those who are considering having a sleeve gastrectomy in Antalya. First of all, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is an extremely effective method for the treatment of obesity. Obesity has become an important health problem worldwide today and sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most effective methods to combat this problem.

Antalya is one of the most important tourism centers in Turkey and health tourism has developed considerably in recent years. There are many options for those who want to have gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya.

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Antalya Tube Stomach Prices and Best Clinics 1

What is Tube Stomach?

Tube stomachIt is a surgical procedure, also known as weight loss surgery. During this surgery, most of the stomach is permanently removed and the remainder is formed into a small tube. In this way, the capacity of the stomach is reduced and the person can eat less food, get full faster and therefore take fewer calories.

Gastric sleeve surgeryIt is a treatment method used in overweight or obese people. Post-surgery patients are expected to experience weight loss, and in some cases, other obesity-related health problems may also be reduced or completely eliminated.

Gastric sleeve surgery is usually performed by laparoscopic surgery. This method makes it possible to perform the surgery using small incisions and leaves less pain, faster healing and less scarring. The surgery usually takes between one hour and two hours and the hospital stay may be several days.

Before surgery, patients' diets and lifestyles are reviewed. Before the surgery, weight loss is targeted and diet and exercise programs are recommended for this. In addition, it is important for patients to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle during the postoperative period.

After sleeve gastrectomy, patients need to eat less because their stomach capacity is reduced. In addition, since the part of the stomach responsible for the production of ghrelin hormone is removed during the operation, the appetite of the patients decreases. Therefore, when patients eat less food, they feel full faster and take fewer calories. As a result, they experience weight loss.

Ancak gastric sleeve surgery, It may not be an appropriate treatment method in all cases of obesity. It is important for patients to undergo a detailed evaluation before the surgery, to be informed about the risks of the surgery, and to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle after the surgery.

Although patients lose weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, they need to work to maintain weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term. Therefore, it is also important to receive regular follow-up and support after the surgery.

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Antalya Tube Stomach Prices and Best Clinics 2

The Importance of Staples Used in Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The staples used during gastric sleeve surgery are extremely important for the success of the surgery. In this surgery, most of the stomach is permanently removed and the remainder is formed into a small tube. To perform this operation, it is necessary to cut the stomach. Staples help cut and tube the stomach in a safer and more effective way.

Staples used during sleeve gastrectomy surgery are used in surgeries performed with laparoscopic surgery. In this method, small incisions are made and the surgical instruments and camera are inserted through these incisions and inserted into the stomach. Staples are a device among these surgical instruments. This device consists of a special needle and a staple cartridge.

The use of staples during surgery makes it easier and safer to cut the stomach. The staples quickly join the cuts of the stomach, thus preventing bleeding. Also, thanks to the staples, the cut area is less damaged and heals faster.

Staples also help shape the stomach into a tube along with other instruments used during surgery. During this procedure, the correct placement of the staples helps to form the gastric tube correctly. The staples also ensure that there is no need for post-operative sutures. In this way, the postoperative recovery period of the patients is shorter.

The importance of staples used in sleeve gastrectomy surgery significantly affects the success of the surgery and the healing process of the patients. For this reason, it is extremely important that the surgeon performing the operation is experienced and that staples are used correctly.

Covidien Brand Stapler Used in Tube Stomach Surgery

Among the staples used in sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the Covidien brand is a widely preferred brand. Covidien is known for its quality and reliable products, especially in the field of surgery.

Covidien staples are specially designed for use in gastric sleeve surgery. Thanks to their strong and durable structure, these staples are effectively used in cutting the stomach and shaping it into a tube.

Among the features of Covidien brand staples are the use of high quality titanium material for fast and safe joining of the cut tissues, a sensitive and safe pulling mechanism, ergonomic design, allowing surgeons to use them more easily and make precise adjustments.

Covidien brand staples are also effectively used to prevent bleeding during surgery. The high-precision design of the staples allows the cut tissues to be joined quickly, thus preventing bleeding and allowing the surgery to be performed more safely.

Covidien staplesThe use of the gastric sleeve provides an important advantage for surgeons in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Thanks to these staples, the operation time is shortened and the post-operative recovery process is faster and less painful. In addition, the correct use of staples also reduces the risk of post-operative complications.

As a result, Covidien staples are known as an effective and reliable tool used during sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Thanks to the quality construction and special design of these staplers, surgeons can perform surgery more easily and safely.

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Antalya Tube Stomach Prices and Best Clinics 3

Antalya Tube Stomach Prices

Gastric sleeve surgeryIt is a frequently preferred method in the treatment of obesity. In a city like Antalya, which is important in terms of tourism and health tourism, many hospitals and clinics offer gastric sleeve surgery services. Prices may vary depending on various factors.

Antalya tube stomach prices may vary depending on the location of the hospital or clinic, the experience of the doctor who will perform the surgery, the degree of obesity and health status of the patient, the technological facilities of the hospital where the surgery is performed, and other factors.

Generally, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery is determined by the scope of services in the hospital or clinic where the surgery is performed. These services may include elements such as pre- and post-operative check-ups, post-operative hospitalization and care, and dietitian support.

Antalya tube stomach prices usually start from 2300 euros on average. However, these prices may vary depending on the services offered by the hospital or clinic, the doctor's experience and the patient's condition.

There are also clinics and hospitals that can offer different options according to the patient's ability to pay for sleeve gastrectomy in Antalya. Among these options, there may be options such as payment in installments, payment by credit card, and being covered by health insurance.

However, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is not just an aesthetic operation, it is an operation for the treatment of obesity, which is a serious health problem. Therefore, while the price factor is important, the patient's health and the quality of the surgery are more important. Therefore, before having sleeve gastrectomy surgery, it is important for patients to consult with doctors, understand the risks and benefits, and evaluate whether the surgery is suitable for them.

Best Clinics in All Stomach Surgery in Antalya

Many clinics in Antalya gastric sleeve surgery is doing. However, clinics in the following counties stand out among the best clinics:

Lara: There are many medical tourism clinics in Lara, one of the most popular holiday resorts of Antalya. Among these clinics, there are many clinics specializing in sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Kepez: In Kepez, one of the biggest districts of Antalya, there are many clinics specializing in sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Konyaalti: There are also many medical tourism clinics in Konyaaltı, one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya. Among these clinics, there are many clinics specializing in sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Muratpasa: There are also many medical tourism clinics in Muratpaşa, one of the central districts of Antalya.

The clinics in the districts mentioned above are managed by doctors who are specialized and experienced in sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

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