Gastric Bypass in Tbilisi: A Comprehensive Review

Gastric bypass surgery is considered an effective method in the fight against obesity and is preferred for weight loss by more and more individuals. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, stands out with the quality services and experienced health professionals it offers in the field of health tourism. This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of gastric bypass surgery in Tbilisi, covering the procedure, its advantages, considerations and the general healthcare infrastructure in the city.

What is Gastric Bypass?

Gastric Bypass in Tbilisi: A Comprehensive Review 1

Gastric bypass surgery is a bariatric surgery procedure performed by reducing the stomach volume and rearranging the intestines. This method is designed to accelerate weight loss and reduce health problems associated with obesity. It is generally recommended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) over 40 or a BMI over 35 and those with obesity-related health problems.

Gastric Bypass in Tbilisi:

  1. Health tourism: Tbilisi has become an important center for health tourism in recent years. The city stands out with its modern facilities and experienced healthcare professionals offering quality healthcare services.
  2. Specialized Surgeons: Healthcare facilities in Tbilisi are equipped with experienced surgeons specializing in bariatric surgery. This ensures that patients receive the best care.
  3. Advanced Health Facilities: Hospitals in Tbilisi are equipped with healthcare facilities with modern technology. This offers patients a comfortable and safe environment.

Things to Consider in Gastric Bypass:

  1. Preliminary assessment: Patients considering gastric bypass undergo a detailed preliminary evaluation to determine their suitability for the procedure. This evaluation includes a review of medical history, physical examination, and various tests.
  2. Post-Surgery Care: The postoperative period is important for a successful recovery. Patients receive comprehensive care with follow-up appointments, dietary guidance, and ongoing support from healthcare professionals.
  3. Language and Communication: The ability to speak English is expanding in Georgia, and many healthcare professionals offer services to international patients, ensuring effective communication.


Gastric bypass surgery in Tbilisi offers a reliable option for individuals looking for an effective weight loss solution. With experienced surgeons, modern facilities and increasing popularity in medical tourism, Tbilisi may be an ideal destination for those considering gastric bypass surgery. However, as with any surgical procedure, individuals should think carefully before making decisions about their health and well-being. You can contact us about the issue, with the best price and service guarantee.

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